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5 Questions for a Party Hypnotist for Hire

This article will make the process of securing a safe, suitable stage hypnotist for your event easier. Regardless of whether you plan the party yourself or secure an event planning company to plan the party, you should ask the following five important questions.

A reputable Stage Hypnotist will appreciate your questions, and you will be more relaxed knowing you are securing the services of a professional. You will also be insuring your hypnotic show will be a success and your organization will have a fun event they will remember for years.

The Five Questions You Should Ask:

1) Can you verify the hypnotist is insured for the stage?

The professional hypnotist will be insured with a liability policy. Request a copy to confirm the policy is not expired. The amateur will not typically make the investment to protect themselves, you or the volunteers.

2) Is the hypnotic show performed solo or with assistance?

Some hypnotists will attempt to perform all aspects of the show in an attempt at saving money.

This means that they're simultaneously trying to keep an eye on the safety of up to a couple of dozen volunteers on stage and fumbling around with a remote control to play their music cues, all the while trying to do what they're there for, which is to perform for the audience. This often looks unprofessional and most of all risks the safety of the volunteers on stage.

3) Has your hypnotist been professionally trained?

A stage hypnotist should have received professional training. A professional is committed to continued education and can be trusted to present a safe, entertaining show without any problems.

4) Does the hypnotist have a demo video and track record?

View the demo video and know what you are purchasing. Is the material on the video appropriate for your organization? The last thing you would want is to book a show with an act you're not familiar with only to watch in horror as jokes are made at the volunteers expense on stage, or worse.

Obviously, if they have little or no track record, you can be assured that you are receiving a show that is not tested and the quality and entertainment value will be low, or worse, a miserable failure.

A bad hypnotic show will leave your audience bored, unsatisfied and can bring your whole event down! That’s not the kind of event where good memories are made.

5) Is the hypnotist a full-time professional or part-time amateur?

Do you want to settle for a part time performer with little experience and no professional status, insurance, proper training, etc.?

Answering these five questions will help you plan an event that is safe and fun. You will be more relaxed the night of the program and the months leading up to the program knowing you’re hiring a professional stage hypnotist that your organization will enjoy!


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