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Whether you decide to buy or rent tuxedo and/or party dress formal wear, there are some things you should understand. Tuxedo formal wear occasions continue to grow and include some of events for wedding tuxedo, prom tuxedo, homecoming tuxedo, prom tuxedo. Other events may include after hour parties, holiday events, family religious occasions and many more. Tuxedo and party dress rental options are abundant and may include designers like Calvin Klein. Regardless of why you need a tuxedo or party dress: here are some things you should know about your rental choice.

First of all you should know that buying a tuxedo is much less than you would expect. You will find the purchase of a tuxedo is equal to that of a rental. Do the necessary research so you can make an informed decision. With many online vendors for tuxedo formal wear purchase you can find out from the comfort of your home.

The rule of thumb is that if a lady wears a floor-length party dress, the gentleman should wear formal attire, and that style is dictated by time of day and level of formality.

Party dresses for women range dramatically when it comes to the words formal wear and it ultimately depends on what the host or hostess has in mind when they request this type of wear for their event. Although they do rent party dresses it is most probably the most financially sound decision to just go ahead and purchase the dress you'll need for the event. Chances are that most women will have another chance to wear the party dress or gown that they purchased so it would make it pointless to have to rent dresses on several different occasions.

Do a search for tuxedos and party dresses online. Many have a photo gallery and explanation of ordering a tux or dress.

Consult with the website store when considering the wide range of options. Jackets have a notch, peak or shoulder lapel. They can be ultra-formal full dress tails, a cutaway jacket suitable for formal events before 6 p.m., or a tuxedo jacket, appropriate for any formal affair. Shirt choices include a lay down, wing and cavalier collar, finished off with a bow tie, ascot or lay down tie.

Choose colors according to the time of day and nature of the event. Gray is traditional before 6 p.m., and black for all formal evening affairs. You may wish to consult your date for the evening to see what type of and color party dress she is wearing - and coordinate cummerbund or vest as desired.

Tuxedo selection for a wedding should be guided by the color of the bride's gown and bridesmaids' dresses. Wedding-party specials may include a jacket, trousers, vest or cummerbund, shirt, suspenders, cuff links, studs and tie from $50 to $100 or more. A lot of tuxedo rental establishments will offer a free tuxedo to the groom -or with a certain number of groomsmen's tuxedos, the groom's tux may even be free.


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