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Weddings can be a lot of fun if you prepare for them properly. Many people allow wedding preparations to stress them out and this can lead to a very unhappy bride. Depending on the size of the wedding you are planning, you will need to allow yourself several months to prepare for that special day.

If you are going to have a large formal wedding you might want to take up to a year for planning. There are a lot of things that have to be decided such as where the wedding will be, how many people will be in the wedding party, what kind of wedding flowers you will have, and what kind of wedding favors for the reception you will select for the main event. Once you get the location nailed down you will then need to start planning who you want for your wedding party. It is customary for the bride and groom to have a maid of honor and a best man, but they can also have other maids and groomsmen if they desire. Also included in the wedding party are ushers who will guide the guests to the proper seats before the beginning of the ceremony. It is customary for friends and family of the bride to sit on one side while the friends and family of the groom sit on the other. Of course, often people are acquainted with both so seating is not usually a big problem. The bride will also want to take the time to find that perfect dress. This process alone can often take several months and many fittings. It is important not to rush this process because you will only have one shot at the perfect gown. Most brides will instantly know the right dress when they find it so if you have doubts, practice patience and you soon find the right one. Almost as important as the gown is the selection of wedding flowers. Many people are getting away from having a lot of flowery decorations and are going to the more simple greenery. Since flowers are one of the bigger expenses many brides are electing to carry a nice flower bouquet and use greenery and colored ribbon for decoration. Most of the bride’s maids will also carry a floral bouquet that is similar to the bride’s except on a smaller scale. If you are planning a smaller wedding with just a few friends and family members it will not take as long for you to plan. Because of the high cost of the modern day wedding some people are choosing to have a smaller wedding and save their money for the purchase of a home. Even with a smaller wedding you can have beautiful wedding flowers and a wedding party. Smaller weddings are often more intimate and relaxed because there is less stress in the planning and a lot of money saved in the process. Regardless of what type of wedding you wish to have, the whole purpose is to relax and have fun. Weddings should not be stressful to the bride or the groom. They should be able to enjoy the day as they unite their lives together.


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