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There are a lot of reasons to plan a school party. You may be celebrating a student's birthday or you may be rewarding the class for a job well done. Whatever the reason for the school party you can choose from a lot of ideas to make the school party fun and enjoyable for the students.

If you are going to have the school party at school during school hours it is best to check with the school to find out what type of policy they have in place regarding parties. They may have limits of food items and days of the week that school parties are allowed. Some schools will set aside one day a month to celebrate all of the birthdays in that month. You can also talk to the teachers to find out what type of party favors are allowed in the classroom. All of the students will be expecting something so you need to find out what the school allows.

If you are going to serve refreshments at your school party you should try to keep them simple. Serve something that will not make a big mess such as cookies, cupcakes, juice boxes, and veggie sticks with dip. Choose something the children can enjoy without getting it all over them and the classroom. You should also limit the amount of sugar you give them since this could cause them to be hyper for the remainder of the day.

For school party ideas you may want to do some research to find out what kinds of games you can play that the children would enjoy. Here again you should probably consult the teacher to find out what kind of games are allowed. London Bridge is a popular game for the younger children. You can also set up an obstacle course that take the children through the course by crawling under tables or stepping on stones made of paper to get to the end of the course.

Older children enjoy First to Laugh. One person can tell a joke or act crazy and the class has to try and refrain from laughing. The first person to laugh is taken out of the game and this continues until there is only one winner left.

If you are planning a high school party things will be much different from the younger kids. High school students are not amused by cupcakes and obstacle courses. They would much rather have music and a place to dance. If you are planning a high school party you might want to consider having the party after the classes have let out for the day. Since students are not all in the same classroom in high school it would be difficult to have a party in the classroom. High school students had much rather attend a party event that is held on a Friday or Saturday evening so they can relax and enjoy themselves without having to worry about homework or getting up the next morning to go to school.

Regardless of how old the students are, a school party is a great way for the students to relax and have some fun. This provides them with a pleasant break from studies and allows them to learn socialization skills.


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