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Bar Mitzvah Party

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A Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish traditional event that is celebrated when a Jewish boy or girl comes of age. The Bar Mitzvah does not change the status of the boy or girl, instantly making them an adult; rather it allows them to participate in a service as an adult. The Bar Mitzvah is the ceremony that honors the boy or girl for reaching a certain age.

In Jewish law the children reach to age of majority at the age of thirteen for the boys and age twelve for the girls. The Jews believe that at this point the children become responsible for their actions. Before the Bar Mitzvah it is generally understood that the parents are responsible for the actions of the children. Once the Bar Mitzvah is performed the child then has the right to participate in the Jewish community as one who is responsible for their own actions.

Modern Jews allow the young man or women to read from the Torah during the service. They may also be asked to give a lesson on the portion of the Torah they read. Some branches of Jews will not allow the young woman to read publicly from the Torah nor will they allow females to lead in prayer services. Many will allow the female to teach Jewish traditions once they have come of age.

Following the Bar Mitzvah many Jews have a type of reception, or dinner to pay honor to the one who has come of age. This is usually done after the religious service has been completed. Bar Mitzvah party favors can be used to decorate the tables for the occasion. There are many different items that make appropriate Bar Mitzvah party favors such as heart shaped coasters that have a picture of the boy or girl or small bags of candy that are decorated with ribbons. You can also get small candle tins that can be placed at every seat. By using Bar Mitzvah party favors you can allow everyone who attends to take home a toke of remembrance of the event.

Many people also feel they should give Bar Mitzvah gifts to the boy or girl in celebration of the event. Gifts should never be given before the Bar Mitzvah ceremony and probably should be given at the reception or dinner that is held afterward. There are plenty of Bar Mitzvah gift ideas since you would be looking for something a thirteen year old would enjoy.

Since they are now teenagers they will probably enjoy a gift of a book, DVD, subscriptions to their favorite magazine, music, or computer software. If you are not sure what type of music or books they like it is always appropriate to give money or gift certificates. This way they can purchase the item themselves.

For Jews the Bar Mitzvah ceremony is a somber occasion to celebrate the coming of age of either the boy or the girl. It is an important day in the life of the teen because it allows them to take responsibility for their actions and allows them to grow and mature in the way they have been taught.


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